The Limitations of Using Logs for Behavioral Analytics


Threat detection hasn’t kept up with the change of pace that is occurring across today’s organizations. Security protections are strained and threats have evolved to take advantage of blind spots circumventing immediate detection. We’ll see more malware learn behaviors and conditions and then take evasive actions to avoid having their activities exposed. Unfortunately, traditional security logging can only provide a snapshot from the sidelines. Logs record actions and events. There are limitations of only using logs for behavioral analytics. In order to really understand the behavior of users and systems requires context, perspective, and risk analysis. Sophisticated SIEM solutions centralize and correlate logs with the intent to uncover security events. Some have acquired or partnered with behavioral analytics vendors to […]

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There are No Mulligans in Cybersecurity

Win by Finding Threats and Risks Faster

Anyone who knows me, knows I like golf. They also know that I’ve focused my career on helping organizations enable the best security solutions for protecting their information, assets, and networks. I’ve talked to hundreds of security leaders about their environments, challenges, and constraints. Repeatedly, not one of them can smile and confidently state they know the formula for success. Some of these same leaders are also golfers. Even those that aren’t at the top of their game, learn from each stroke and from the ups and downs of each hole. Through bad weather, bad luck, and blunders they know showing up and playing through will make them a better player. Muscle memory will develop, the skills to read the course improve, […]

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