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Change Dynamix Managed Detection and Response Service provides relief for companies that need to identify and address security risks and threats to their business. We provide the tools and resources to capture key data, analyze, and respond to risk events of interest. Our service delivers immediate value.

Features of Managed Detection and Response

Identify Anomalies

Identify Suspicious Behaviors

Mitigate the risk of a direct attack or insider threat going undetected that exposes sensitive data or intellectual property. User-centric data is collected to decisively detect anomalous behavior.

Automated Threat Hunting

Focus on the most impactful threats specific to your business. Multi-contextual analysis ensures that findings uncover the threats that span users, systems, networks, and web-browser activities.

Risk-Appropriate Escalation

Act when it matters the most. Security experts validate findings and present response efforts that are appropriate to the situation.
Rapid Response

Rapid Response

Specific details on timelines, resources, and users to quickly contain impact. Swiftly actions coordinated to stop business risk with expert delivered remediation recommendations.

Incident Triage and Support

Ensure thorough remediation and mitigate likelihood of future occurrences.  Supporting business with guidance on continuous threat management.