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Identify Suspicious Behavior
Regardless of size, industry, and maturity – find the threats that matter within your company.  Automated threat detection in a solution that removes overhead or the need for dedicated security analysts, bringing visibility to threats that have gone previously undetected.
Spot the cyber security risks that go unseen by traditional threat detection or human security analysts. Turn to Change Dynamix for the easiest way to continuously monitor for anomalous events and trends.
Info Sec Risk
User-Centric Data Collection

Source of Truth

User-Centric Behavioral Analytics
Change Dynamix collectors capture metadata at the source – from user interactions with systems and Internet browsers. Get direct visibility to users and the systems, data, and applications they access. Only behavioral characteristics are collected, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your business. Uncover anomalous behavior faster than data from network, flow, or security logs.

Infinite Memory

Indexed Anamolies Enhance Accuracy
Indexed anomalies are invaluable data points that unlock the ability to:

  • Understand company changes in behavioral dynamics even across diverse geolocations
  • Allow organizations to look back and assess the past against current changes and analysis
  • Detect low-and-slow attack patterns
  • Focus on suspicious account usage, system communications, web interactions, and unusual data or application access

Advanced Analysis

Designed for Companies of All Sizes
Every company can now benefit regardless of their security infrastructure or resources. Identify cyber risk and threats without needing a specialized security analyst. Unsupervised machine-learning self-identifies users, groups, applications and data locations. Security and audit can act immediately to investigate abuse in privileges and anomalous behavior. Change Dynamix SaaS solution continuously collects user-centric data and applies handsfree advanced analysis.