Security and Risk

Behavioral Analytics Platform

Change Dynamix makes security and risk intelligence easier with behavioral analytics. Our platform provides hands-free and instant detection to risk events of interest. It delivers continuous machine learning through our SaaS solution providing up-to-the-minute analysis at fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Views to Threats and Risk

Change Dynamix solution provides security teams with immediate insight into:

  • Risk Events of Interest – Clustered anomalies that are elevated for investigation
  • Activity Level – Understand trends across the organization and drill down by category
  • Connected Resources – Visualize by location, department and user
  • Anomalies and Rate of Change – View the historical rate of change across the organization

Increase Security Effectiveness

Take Immediate Action

Uncover external threats, cyber breaches, malware, rogue users and compromised credentials.

Insider Threat
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Threat Actors
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Security Oversight

Actively monitor identities and accounts for compliance, policy and risk exposure.

Account Monitoring
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Identity Risk Management
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Activity and Resource Connections

Unprecedented views into current activity and connected resources. Autonomous classification of roles, groups, high value assets and sensitive data.

Access Intelligence & Behavior Classification
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