Making Security and Risk Management Easier

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User and Access Intelligence

Want a better way to manage security and change beyond initial risk-based access control?

Tap into group and individual dynamics for continuous risk-based IT security management

Organizations grow and change as do the applications and cloud services they use. True risk-based security strategy requires continuous assessment.  The Change Dynamix platform as a service uncovers user and system behavioral characteristics without the use of log files.  Direct capture and unsupervised machine-learning elevates security and risk visibility beyond traditional methods. Track users and systems, and the resources they interact with.

Get answers:
  • Are user actions and resources within the scope of their role and responsibility?
  • Is a user’s credential compromised?
  • Do I have a high risk problem with an employee showing an increase in connected resources?
  • Do I have a problem with my access controls as specific workgroups are .
  • Accounts are being shared, is there a compliance and training issue?

Resource and Data Classification Intelligence

Is it difficult keeping tabs on system interdependencies and where sensitive data resides?

Detail views that make resource and data classification easier and more accurate

All businesses today have digital components. But, they find it hard to keep up with documentation and security policy management. Current baseline activity makes it easier for those responsible for IT resources, business continuity, and data classification to get an accurate assessment of risk. Change Dynamix gives the details and views into system behaviors in conjunction with user behavioral characteristics to make better decisions.

Assess current activity:
  • Critical supply chain systems and their behavioral changes
  • Missing locations of sensitive data
  • API connections at risk
  • Visualize the dependencies among systems used by a specific group
  • Cloud applications and services being accessed

Executive Visibility and Metrics

Is the aftermath of acquisitions and large projects undermining the ability to identify threats and security risks?

Executive View

Directly tap into security and risk intelligence without the traditional overhead

Successful security leaders don’t settle, they strive to know more and drive results. Organizations experiencing high disruption realize that short-handed IT staff and stressed security are not keeping up with the pace of change. They need a new level of security awareness with rich context and coverage across networks and cloud services that doesn’t rely on existing logs or security infrastructure. Change Dynamix provides the solution that doesn’t have to be designed, managed, or incur escalating costs over time.  Take advantage of the security and behavioral risk platform as a service, providing the executive visibility to change dynamics uncovering risk events of interest.

  • What parts of my business or divisions incur more risk than others?
  • Do I have threats lurking in my network?
  • What systems, groups, or users have a high level of behavioral change?
  • Is there visibility across the organization for cyber threats?
  • Can I detect a misconfiguration of my security controls?

Security Strategy RoadMap and Services

Need assistance upgrading cyber security for your organization?

Identify or elevate to the right level of IT security for your organization

Change Dynamix provides solutions and services helping business determine the appropriate levels of security policies, technologies and management required to meet their objectives.

Let us help you:
  • Information Security Risk Assessment
  • Application Assessments
  • IAM Readiness Assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Policy Design
  • Security Awareness
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Architecture Design
  • Security Strategy Roadmap for Cloud Computing