Automated Threat-Hunting

Regardless of size, industry, and maturity – find the threats that matter within your company.  Automated threat detection in a solution that removes overhead or the need for dedicated security analysts, bringing visibility to threats that have gone previously undetected.
Budget Friendly
Built-In Web Activity Coverage
No Security Analyst Needed
Keeps Up With Emerging Threats
Sophisticated Attacks Have No Place to Hide

Dealing with A New Dimension of Risk

Those who have access to your company’s assets and data are targets for compromise. But, they also can change behaviors, inadvertently mishandle data, abuse access privileges, and more. Anomalous behavior is either benign or your earliest detection to Infosec risk.

 60 percent of attacks are the result of trusted insiders with access to sensitive information

Get Going Today with Managed Detection and Response Service

Keep your team focused. Companies spanning a few hundred employees to thousands achieve more with our fully managed threat detection and response service.