Detect threats in action,
resources in use, and data at risk

Don't let logs limit the level of security you can achieve

Uncover in Real-time Risk Events of Interest

Behavioral Analytics Platform that direcly captures, analyzes and learns

Never again miss the subtle activities or precursor conditions that erode cybersecurity. Bypass the limitations of security logs and SIEM technology overhead and empower security teams with a new level of effectiveness.

Change Dynamix provides the detection of behavioral changes across an organization pinpointing threats across it’s users, groups, applications, and systems. It’s really our approach that makes us different eliminating the need for a heavy technology investment or an increase in manpower to achieve premium security.

Our platform leverages continuous machine learning through a SaaS solution to provide up-to-the-minute views. It automatically detects even the most subtle events in action with native contextual details across diverse infrastructures, networks, and cloud services. It captures current data and keeps historical indexes that continually improve results and dramatically lowers false positives. Now any size organization can achieve premium security and within their budget.

Directly Capture Context

Baselines track the heartbeat of change across an organization from users, systems, cloud, and applications. It's easy to get started as there is no reliance on security infrastructure or logs.

Analyze Beyond Anomalies

Historical and in-the-moment analysis uncovers and elevates risk events of interest. No need for rules, connectors, queries, or waiting for results.

Learn Faster

Get to what’s most important faster and within budget. Platform design provides unsupervised machine-learning that self-identifies roles, groups, risk activities and locations of sensitive data.

Change Dynamix provides the active insight that makes IT security easier with visibility to threats in action, resources in use, and data at risk. For organizations of all sizes this behavioral analytics platform supports the dynamics of business. Achieve a higher level of security effectiveness with built-in coverage that extends across users, systems, networks, and cloud services.