Detect threats lurking within your organization. Our next-generation Threat Detection and Response Platform provides the most accurate and cost-effective way to empower security teams with a new level of security efficiency. Now any size organization can achieve premium security across diverse infrastructure, networks, application, and the cloud without the need for heavy investments or sophisticated expertise.

Change Dynamix makes security and risk intelligence easier with behavioral analytics. Our platform provides hands-free and instant detection to risk events of interest. It delivers continuous machine learning through our SaaS solution providing up-to-the-minute analysis at fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Views to Threats and Risk

Change Dynamix solution provides security teams with immediate insight into:

  • Risk Events of Interest – Clustered anomalies that are elevated for investigation
  • Activity Level – Understand trends across the organization and drill down by category
  • Connected Resources – Visualize by location, department and user
  • Anomalies and Rate of Change – View the historical rate of change across the organization

Directly capture context

Baselines track the heartbeat of change across an organization from users, systems, cloud, and applications. It’s easy to get started as there is no reliance on security infrastructure or logs.

Analyze Beyond Anomalies

Historical and in-the-moment analysis uncovers and elevates risk events of interest. No need for rules, connectors, queries, or waiting for results.

Learn faster

Get to what’s most important faster and within budget. Platform design provides unsupervised machine-learning that self-identifies roles, groups, risk activities and locations of sensitive data.